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Begutachtete Veröffentlichungen

M. Ruidisch, T. T. Nguyen, Y. L. Li, R. Geyer, J. Tenhunen (2015): Estimation of annual spatial variations in forest production and crop yields at landscape scale in temperate climate regions. Ecological Research 30(2), pp. 279-292. more

Hübler, Michael (2015): A Theory-Based Discussion of International Technology Funding, Energy and Climate Economics and Policy (Guest Editor ZhongXiang Zhang), Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 17(2), 313-327. more

Hübler, Michael, Alexander Glas and Peter Nunnenkamp (2015): Indicators of Absorptive Capacity and Import-induced South-North Convergence in Labor Intensities, The World Economy (forthcoming).

Sonstige Publikationen

Glas, Alexander, Michael Hübler and Peter Nunnenkamp (2015): Catching up of Emerging Economies: The Role of Capital Goods Imports, FDI Inflows, Domestic Investment and Absorptive Capacity, Kiel Working Paper No. 1990. more

Hartje, Rebecca and Michael Hübler (2015): Are Smartphones Smart for Economic Development?, Hannover Economic Papers No. 555. more

Hübler, Michael (2015): A Trade Network Theory, Hannover Economic Papers No. 553. more

Hübler, Michael (2015): Labor Mobility and Technology Diffusion: a New Concept and its Application to Rural Southeast Asia, Hannover Economic Papers No. 554. more