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Seminar: Econometrics & Economic Modelling (272037)


Allgemeine Merkmale
TitelSeminar: Econometrics & Economic Modelling
Belegnummer(n) 272037 (PO 2012: 172827)
im SemesterSummer term 2019
AngebotsrhythmusSummer term 2019 only
Rahmenthema (Inhalt)This course first provides an overview of selected econometrics and economic modelling methods that are common in international, environmental and development economics. It focuses on the basic intuition for the methods, their application possibilities, the interpretation of results and the discussion of their advantages and limitations. The course then provides seminar paper topics from the areas mentioned above, for example, the US trade policy, the EU climate policy or smartphones in developing countries. Seminar papers should review the related literature, explain the underlying methods and provide a critical discussion of the results of the literature.
Zielgruppe / Zuordnung

BSc WiWi PO 2017: Kompetenzbereich VWL (economics)

Anzahl Plätze 22
SpracheThe course language is English; seminar papers are preferably, but not necessarily written in English.
VeranstaltungsortInternal seminar
Praxispartner No
Veranstaltungs­rhythmusBloc course
Anfertigung der HausarbeitDuring the lecture period
Anforderungen und Unterstützung
ZielsetzungBasic intuition and critical view of econometric & economic modelling methods and their applications
Erforderliche Vorkenntnisse Basics of statistics/econometrics, basics of microeconomic (consumer and producer) theory, review of English scientific literature
Unterstützender Kurs zur Einführung in das Wissenschaftliche ArbeitenBasics of scientific writing within the introduction lecture
Formale VorgabenFormal guidance within the introduction lecture, no strict formal rules
Allgemeine LiteraturSeminar paper topics with related literature sources will be provided together with introductory slides.
Basisliteratur zum Einstieg je ThemaYes
Methodik Read literature and write a seminar paper including a discussion of the methodology used in the literature.
Eingesetzte Spezial-SoftwareNone
Empfohlene Textverarbeitungs­softwareMS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Open Office, TeX
Seitenumfang Hausarbeit Seminar paper with 24-30 pages by two coauthors
Gliederungs­besprechungen 1-2
Leistungsan­forderungen / Bewertung inkl. Gewichtung Participants must be present at the introduction lectures and the final presentations of all participants (not only the own presentation). Grade: 10% effort, participation and contributions to the discussion; 30% presentation and discussion of your seminar paper; 60% seminar paper
Prüfer Jun.-Prof. Dr. Hübler ( https://www.iuw.uni-hannover.de/mhuebler.html )
Ansprechpartner Jun.-Prof. Dr. Hübler
Gruppenarbeit und Themenvergabe
Gruppengröße2 (or 3)
Verfahren für die Zusammensetzung der GruppenParticipants' choice
ThemenTopics will be announced in the introduction lectures and be uploaded in StudIP.
Verfahren für Themenvergabe First come, first served
Art der VoranmeldungEmail to: huebleriuw.uni-hannover.de
Zeitlicher Ablauf
Voranmeldung / Bewerbung15 April, 2pm, to 17 April 2019, 2pm, with full name, matriculation number, course of studies, 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of a seminar paper topic, your coauthor(s) of the joint seminar paper
Vorbesprechung / Themenvorstellung / Kick-Off-Meeting Two lectures in the first two weeks of the lecture period: Thu, 11 April and 18 April 2019, 9:15 - 12:30 in room 115 (1503)
Themenzuweisung18-23 April 2019
Verbindliche Anmeldung24-27 April 2019, hand in the official printed, filled-in and signed form of the Studiendekanat to Mrs Lanka, room 1503-168
Bearbeitungs­beginn Seminararbeit Third week of the lecture period
Abgabe Seminararbeit

Email to: huebleriuw.uni-hannover.de until 7 July 2019

Abgabe Präsentation-
Präsentations­veranstaltungSat, 29 June 2019, 9:30 - 17:00 in room 115 (1503)