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Sonstige Publikationen

Grote, U. (2001): Implications and Challenges of Liberalized Agricultural Markets for Developing Countries – An Institutional Perspective. Paper presented at the Annual Conference “Agricultural markets in developing countries – synergies and conflicts between trade and subsistence” of the Center for International Agriculture (ZIL) and the Swiss Forum for International Agricultural Research (SFIAR) in Zürich, Schweiz.

Grote, U. and C. Deblity (2001): Towards quantifying the cost of environmental standards: Case study results for selected agricultural products. Conference proceedings, University of Manchester, UK.

GROTE, U. AND S. KIRCHHOFF (2001): Environmental and Food Safety Standards in the Context of Trade Liberalization: Issues and Options. ZEF, Discussion Papers on Development Policy No. 39, Bonn.

GROTE, U., DEBLITZ, C. AND S. STEGMANN (2001): Vollkosten, Umweltstandards und internationale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit: Fallstudienergebnisse für ausgewählte Agrarhandelsprodukte aus Brasilien, Deutschland und Indonesien. In: Bundesministerium für Verbraucherschutz, Ernährung und Landwirtschaft, Berichte über Landwirtschaft, 02/2001, pp.234-250.