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Begutachtete Veröffentlichungen

De Cian, Enrica, Ilkka Keppo, Johannes Bollen, Samuel Carrara, Hannah Förster, Michael Hübler, Amit Kanudia, Sergey Paltsev, Ronald Sands and Katja Schumacher (2013): European-led Climate Policy versus Global Mitigation Action: Implications on Trade, Technology, and Energy, Special Issue "The EMF28 Study on Scenarios for Transforming the European Energy System", Climate Change Economics 4, Suppl. 1, 28 pp. weitere Informationen

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Faße, A. and U. Grote (2013): The Role of Jatropha curcas Cultivation in Livelihood Strategies of Small-scale Households in Rural Tanzania. Regional Environmental Change. Special Edition. DOI 10.1007/s10113-013-0494-7. weitere Informationen

Faße, A., Winter, E. and Grote, U. (2013): Developing a village SAM as a planning tool for sustainable resource management with special focus on bioenergy crops. Accepted paper for presentation at the PEGNet Conference 2013, University of Copenhagen, October 17-18, 2013.

Förster, Hannah, Katja Schumacher, Enrica De Cian, Michael Hübler, Ilkka Keppo, Silvana Mima and Ronald Sands (2013): European Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization Strategies Beyond 2030 – A Sectoral Multi-model Decomposition, Special Issue "The EMF28 Study on Scenarios for Transforming the European Energy System", Climate Change Economics 4, Suppl. 1, 29 pp. weitere Informationen

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Nguyen, T.T., Tenhunen, J. (2013): Climate change and crop production for bioenergy linkage at local scale: Challenges and implications, International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management 5, 324-343, weitere Informationen

Sonstige Publikationen

Grote, U. and E. Winter (2013): Monetarisierung & Investments in Ökosystemleistungen, Handelsblatt Business Briefing (Nachhaltige Investments), 11.01.2013, Nr.1

Jose, M. and U. Grote (2013): Acreage response of paddy farmers in Wayanad: Application of Autoregressive Distributive Lag Bounds Testing Approach. Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference of Agricultural Economics Research Association (AERA), Paper No.109, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir, Srinagar during 10-12 September 2013.

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Löschel, Andreas, Florens Flues, Frank Pothen und Philipp Massier  (2013): Der deutsche Strommarkt im Umbruch: Zur Notwendigkeit einer Marktordnung aus einem Guss, Wirtschaftsdienst 93. Jahrgang, Heft 11, November, 778-784.

Löschel, Andreas, Florens Flues, Frank Pothen und Philipp Massier  (2013): Den Strommarkt an die Wirklichkeit anpassen – Skizze einer neuen Marktordnung, et - Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen 10/2013, 22-25.

Löschel, Andreas, Florens Flues, Frank Pothen und Philipp Massier  (2013): Den Strommarkt an die Wirklichkeit anpassen: Skizze einer neuen Marktordnung, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 13-065, Mannheim.

Löschel, Andreas, Florens Flues, Frank Pothen und Philipp Massier (2013),  (2013): Den deutschen Strommarkt an die Wirklichkeit anpassen - Skizze einer neuen Marktordnung, ZEW policy brief No. 13-07, Mannheim.

Pothen, Frank (2013): The Metal Resources (METRO) Model. A Dynamic Partial Equilibrium Model for Metal Markets Applied to Rare Earth Elements, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 13-112, Mannheim.

Stellmacher, T. and U. Grote (2013): Die Zertifizierung von Fairtrade und Biokaffee: von der Nische zum Mainstream. - Fairtrade and organic coffee certification: from niche to mainstream. In: Lack, H.W., Grotz, K. and T.W. Gole (eds.) (2013): Kaffee. Ein Globaler Erfolg. – Coffee. A Global Success. Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Berlin, p.58-63.

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Pothen, Frank, Timo Goeschl und Andreas Löschel  (2013): Strategic Trade Policy and Critical Raw Materials in Stainless Steel Production, commissioned by the KMR Stainless AG, Mannheim.

Deutschsprachige Artikel, ungelistet

Hübler, Michael (2013): Klimapolitik, Technologieoptionen und ökonomische Wachstumsmuster, ZEW Wachstums- und Konjunkturanalysen, Mannheim, 16(1), 10-11. weitere Informationen


Grote, U. (2013): Invited lecture on “Global Food Security by 2050: Can we feed more than 9 billion people?, Julius Kühn-Institut, Braunschweig.

Grote, U. (2013): Invited lecture on “Globale Ernährung: How to feed the world”, Herrenhausen late, lecture series organized by the LUH in cooperation with the Volkswagen-Foundation, Castle Herrenhausen, Hannover.

Grote, U. (2013): Presentation on “Rural Urban Linkages in Vietnam” at the Final Workshop of the Research Unit 756 of the German Research Foundation (DFG), Hannover.

Grote, U. (2013): Keynote presentation in the plenary session and panelist on “Can we improve global food security?” at the 10th International Congress of Plant Pathology (ISPP), Beijing, China.

Grote, U. (2013): Presentation on “Rural-Urban Migration, Household Vulnerability and Welfare in Vietnam” and Chair of the session “Risks, Shocks and Vulnerability” at the Annual International Conference of the Verein für Socialpolitik, Research Committee on Development Economics, Munich.

Grote, U. (2013): Invited lecture “In den Tank oder auf den Teller: Bioenergie als Zankapfel internationaler Agrarpolitik”, in the context of a lecture series „Transformation of the energy system“, Research Initiative Energy, LUH, Hannover.

Hübler, Michael (2013): Research visit at Resources for the Future, SEEK project work on EU climate and energy policy interaction, Washington, DC, USA.

Hübler, Michael (2013): The Optimal Tariff in the Presence of Trade-Related Productivity Gains & What Creates Absorptive Capacity? Trade-embodied Knowledge Spillovers to Emerging Economies, SEEK project conference, Dublin, Ireland.

Lippe, R. S. and Grote, U. (2013): How do GAP standards from different public and private sectors influence on horticultural value chain? ATSAF-Proceedings of Tropentag 2013, Sept.17-19, Universität Hohenheim, Germany.

Röttgers, D. (2013): "The Strategy of the Commons - What determines cooperative behavior in common-pool resource experiments?”. 7th Annual Meeting of the US Society of Environmental Economics, Burlington, USA.