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Begutachtete Veröffentlichungen

Dinh, H.H., Nguyen, T.T., Hoang, V.N., Clevo, W. (2017): Economic incentive and factors affecting tree planting of rural households: Evidence from a Central Highlands province of Vietnam. Journal of Forest Economics more
DOI: 10.1016/j.jfe.2017.08.001

Brummer, M., Rodríguez-Labajos, B., Nguyen, T.T., Jordà-Capdevila, D. (2017): “They have kidnapped our river”: Dam removal conflicts in Catalonia and their relation to ecosystem service perceptions. Water Alternatives 10(3), 744-768 more

Brüssow, K., Faße, A. and Grote, U. (2017): Implications of climate-smart strategy adoption by farm households for food security in Tanzania, Food Security, S. 1-16
DOI: 10.1007/s12571-017-0694-y

Brüssow, K., Faße, A. and Grote, U. (2017): Is Sustainable Intensification Pro-Poor? Evidence from Small-Scale Farmers in Rural Tanzania, Resources (2017), 6(3), 47, S.1-16
DOI: doi:10.3390/resources6030047

Choi, I., Kim, H., Shin, H., Tenhunen, J., Nguyen, T.T. (2017): Economic valuation of fish biodiversity conservation for aquatic ecosystem improvement in South Korea: Correcting for endogeneity bias in contingent valuation. Sustainability 9, 930. more
DOI: 10.3390/su9060930

Choi, I., Shin, H., Nguyen, T.T., Tenhunen, J. (2017): Water policy reforms in South Korea: A historical review and ongoing challenges for sustainable water governance and management. Water 9(9), 717 more
DOI: 10.3390/w9090717

Gronau, S., Winter, E., Grote, U.  (2017): Modelling nature-based tourism impacts on rural development and conservation in Sikunga Conservancy, Namibia. Development Southern Africa, 34(3), 276-294. more

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Ho, Q.T., Hoang, V.N., Wilson, C., Nguyen, T.T (2017): Which farming systems are efficient for Vietnamese coffee farmers? Economic Analysis and Policy 56, 114-125 more
DOI: 10.1016/j.eap.2017.09.002

Hübler, Michael (2017): The Inequality-Emissions Nexus in the Context of Trade and Development - A Quantile Regression Approach, Ecological Economics 134, 174-185. more

Hübler, Michael (2017): The Future of Foreign Aid in a Globalizing World with Climate Change, Global Policy 8(1), 41-51. more

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Jena, P.R., Stellmacher, T. and U.Grote (2017): Can coffee certification schemes increase incomes of smallholder farmers? Evidence from Jinotega, Nicaragua. Environment, Development and Sustainability, Springer
DOI: 10.1007/s10668-015-9732-0

Kaltenegger, Oliver, Andreas Löschel and Frank Pothen (2017): The Effect of Globalisation on Energy Footprints: Disentangling the Links of Global Value Chains, Energy Economics, Special Issue, forthcoming.

Kissoly, L., Fasse, A. and U.Grote  (2017): The integration of smallholders in agricultural value chain activities and food security: evidence from rural Tanzania, Food Security
DOI: 10.1007/s12571-016-0642-2

Lee, S., Nguyen, T.T., Kim, H.N., Koellner, T., Shin, H.J. (2017): more
DOI: 10.3390/w9070511

Lippe, R.S. and U. Grote  (2017): Determinants Affecting Adoption of GLOBALG.A.P. Standards: A Choice Experiment in Thai Horticulture, Agribusiness: an International Journal, Volume 33, Issue 2, Spring 2017, Pages 242–256
DOI: 10.1002/agr.21471

Löschel, Andreas, Florens Flues, Frank Pothen und Philipp Massier (2017): Der deutsche Strommarkt im Umbruch: Zur Notwendigkeit einer neuen Marktordnung, in: Jens Schippl, Armin Grunwald, Ortwin Renn (Hrsg.). Die Energiewende verstehen – orientieren – gestalten. Erkenntnisse aus der Helmholtz-Allianz ENERGY-TRANS. Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden.

Nguyen, D.L., Grote, U., Nguyen, T.T. (2017): Migration and rural household expenditures: A case study from Vietnam. Economic Analysis and Policy 56, 163-175 more
DOI: 10.1016/j.eap.2017.09.001

Nguyen, L.D., Grote, U. & Sharma, R.  (2017): Staying in the cities or returning home? An analysis of the rural-urban migration behavior in Vietnam. , IZA Journal of Development and Migration (2017) 7: 3. more
DOI: 10.1186/s40176-017-0089-z

Nguyen, T.T; Nguyen, D.L; Lippe, R.S; Grote, U. (2017): Determinants of farmers’ land use decision-making: Comparative evidence from Thailand and Vietnam. World Development more
DOI: 10.1016/j.worlddev.2016.08.010

Payeur-Poirier, J.L., Nguyen, T.T. (2017): The inclusion of forest hydrological services in the sustainable development strategy of South Korea. Sustainability 9(8), 1470 more
DOI: 10.3390/su9081470

Pothen, Frank (2017): A Structural Decomposition of Global Raw Material Consumption, Ecological Economics 141, 154-165. more
DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolecon.2017.05.032

Sonstige Publikationen

Bühler, D, Hartje, R and U. Grote (2017): Can household food security predict individual undernutrition? Evidence from Cambodia and Lao PDR., Hannover Economic Papers 2,594. more

Kaltenegger, Oliver, Löschel, Andreas and Frank Pothen  (2017): The Effect of Globalisation on Energy Footprints: Disentangling the Links of Global Value Chains Hannover Economic Papers (HEP) No. 587 more

Kaltenegger, Oliver, Löschel, Andreas and Frank Pothen (2017): The Effect of Globalisation on Energy Footprints: Disentangling the Links of Global Value Chains CAWM Discussion Paper 94 more

Pothen, Frank and Heinz Welsch (2017): Economic Development and Material Use. Evidence from International Panel Data, Hannover Economic Papers (HEP) 588. more

Pothen, Frank and Michael Hübler (2017): A Regional Trade Model with Ricardian Productivity Gains and Multi-technology Electricity Supply, Hannover Economic Papers (HEP) No. 585 more


Hübler, Michael (2017): Is One Bird in the Hand Worth Two in the Bush? Second-Best Analysis of European Energy Policy Instruments, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) Annual Conference, Athens, Greece.

Hübler, Michael  (2017): Does Migration Support Technology Diffusion in Developing Countries? Agriculture and Rural Transformation in Asia: Past Experiences and Future Opportunities (ReSAKSS-Asia, IFPRI, TDRI, TVSEP, USAID, DFG), Bangkok, Thailand.