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Seminar Climate & Development

Bachelor WiWi, summer term 2018

Seminar Climate & Development, Bachelor WiWi, summer term 2018


M. Hübler


Coastal regions and islands are under risk of flooding. Migration and conflicts are possible consequences. Tackling climate change, however, crucially depends on emissions reductions in emerging and developing countries. At the same time, emerging economies like China and India grow fast so that their carbon emissions increase. The challenge is to decouple economic growth and resource use. Others countries, for example in Sub-Sahara Africa, are stuck in poverty and hit by climate change. The challenge is to lift those countries up to a better development path and make them capable of dealing with climate change. Against this backdrop, it is in the first step necessary to get a clearer picture of climate change risks in different developing regions. It is in the second step necessary to think about the potential of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies and ways to implement and finance them.


The course is held in English. The language of seminar papers and presentations is English as well (of seminar papers exceptionally also German).


An introductory lecture will take place at the beginning of the lecture period. The final presentations of the seminar papers by the participants will take place in the middle of the lecture period. The seminar papers must be submitted before the end of the lecture period so that there will be enough time to prepare for exams in other subjects.


References to relevant literature and seminar paper topics will be provided together with an introductory script in StudIP.


The number of participants will be limited. Admission to the course will follow a “first come, first serve” rule. Registration is possible from 19 to 29 March 2018. Please write an email with your name, course of study and Matrikel­nummer to huebler@iuw.uni-hannover.de.