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Overseas internship in ecologically oriented agriculture

Two overseas internships in ecologically oriented agriculture (AGRECOL) Organisation/Location: Association for AgriCulture & Ecology (Agrecol e.V.), Mollesnejta, Combuyo/Cochabamba, Bolivia / Agrecol-Afrique, Thiès, Senegal

The Association for AgriCulture & Ecology (Agrecol e.V.) in Germany offers internship placements and travel stipends for students enrolled in universities and colleges in German-speaking countries. In the coming year (2019), the Association can arrange two internship placements in ecologically oriented agriculture with partner organisations in South America (Mollesnejta, Combuyo/ Cochabamba, Bolivia) and in West Africa (Agrecol-Afrique, Thiès, Senegal).

The internship offers students an opportunity to acquire practical knowledge in sustainable agriculture and land management in a developing country. By living and working in another sociocultural environment, students can also gain valuable intercultural experiences.

The Agrecol Association in Germany covers the travel costs for a round-trip flight between Europe and Bolivia or Senegal.

The application, consisting of a convincing letter of motivation in German and Spanish (Bolivia) / French (Senegal), concrete details about the desired period of internship and a curriculum vitae in German and Spanish (Bolivia) / French (Senegal), should be sent by email as one pdf file to infoagrecol.de and keesgoergenaol.com (Matthias Görgen).

Further questions regarding the internship can be directed to infoagrecol.de or keesgoergenaol.com


The deadline for applications is 31st of January 2019.

Further information about the internship programme and the requirements can be found in the announcement on the Association’s homepage (http://www.agrecol.de/?q=en/node/122).