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Publikationen von MSc Thanh Tung Nguyen

Begutachtete Veröffentlichungen


Nguyen, T.T., Nguyen, T-T, Hoang, V-N, Wilson, C., Managi, S., 2019 (2019): Energy transition, poverty and inequality in Vietnam., Energy Policy 132, 536-548
DOI: 10.1016/j.enpol.2019.06.001

Sonstige Publikationen


Nguyen. T-T, Nguyen, T.T, Grote. U. (2019): Multiple shocks and households' choice of coping strategies in rural Cambodia, Ecological Economics 167 weitere Informationen


Sharma, R., Nguyen, T., Grote, U., Nguyen, T.T (2016): Changing livelihoods in rural Cambodia: Evidence from panel household data in Stung Treng. Center of Development Research (ZEF) Working Paper 149, University of Bonn. weitere Informationen