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Publikationen von Dr. Rebecca Hartje

Begutachtete Veröffentlichungen


Bühler, D., Hartje, R. and U. Grote (2018): Matching food security and malnutrition indicators: evidence from Southeast Asia. Agricultural Economics, 49, p. 481-495 weitere Informationen

Hartje, R., Bühler, D., Grote, U. (2018): Eat Your Fish and Sell It, Too – Livelihood Choices of Small-Scale Fishers in Rural Cambodia., Ecological Economics, 154, p. 88-98. weitere Informationen


Hartje, Rebecca and Michael Hübler (2017): Smartphones Support Smart Labor, Applied Economics Letters 24(7), 467-471. weitere Informationen


Hartje, Rebecca, Bühler, Dorothee and Ulrike Grote (2016): Food Security in Rural Cambodia and Fishing in the Mekong in the Light of Declining Fish Stocks. , World Food Policy, 2 (2) /3 (1), 5-31 weitere Informationen

Hübler, Michael and Rebecca Hartje (2016): Are Smartphones Smart for Economic Development?, Economics Letters 141, 130-133. weitere Informationen


Nguyen, T.T., Do, T.L., Bühler, D., Hartje, R. and U. Grote (2015): Rural Livelihoods and Environmental Resource Dependence in Cambodia. Ecological Economics 120, 282-295. weitere Informationen

Sonstige Publikationen


Hartje, Rebecca (2018): Economic transformation of rural livelihoods in South-East Asia, Hannover: Institutionelles Repositorium der Leibniz Universität Hannover weitere Informationen


Bühler, D, Hartje, R and U. Grote (2017): Can household food security predict individual undernutrition? Evidence from Cambodia and Lao PDR., Hannover Economic Papers 2,594. weitere Informationen


Bühler, D., Grote, U., Hartje, R., Ker, B., Lam, D.T., Nguyen, L.D., Nguyen, T.T. and K. Tong (2015): Rural Livelihood Strategies in Cambodia: Evidence from a household survey in Stung Treng. ZEF Working Paper Series No.137, Center for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn. weitere Informationen