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Dr. Beatrice Nöldeke erhält den Victor-Rizkallah-Preis für ihre Dissertation „Simulating Human Behaviour in Social-Ecological Systems: Farmers‘ Adoption of Agricultural Innovations“

Dr. Beatrice Nöldeke receives Victor Rizkallah Award for her dissertation on ‘’Simulating Human Behaviour in Social-Ecological Systems: Farmers’ Adoption of Agricultural Innovations"

Dr. Nöldeke has written her dissertation in the context of two research projects, one funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the other one by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection.

Her research focused on rural areas in Africa (Zambia, Rwanda) and Asia (Indonesia) with the objectives to (1) identify efficient information seeding strategies to disseminate agricultural knowledge within social networks, (2) compare common behavioural approaches to explain farmers’ adoption decisions, (3) identify intrinsic drivers based on the Theory of Planned Behavior and evaluate the effectiveness of non-economic policy interventions targeting intrinsic motivational factors, and (4) assess the interrelated human-environmental consequences of farmers’ adoption decisions under different climate scenarios.


Published by M. Gerberding