Institut für Umweltökonomik und Welthandel Lehre Seminare Bachelor
Course Introduction to Scientific Work at IUW Bachelor

Introduction to Scientific Writing at IUW for Bachelor students


This block course consists of several sessions which will be announced at the beginning of the term. The course is highly recommended to students who aim to write their Bachelor thesis at the Institute of Environmental Economic and World Trade (IUW). In the first part of the course, the students learn about potential topics and meet their tutors.

In addition, students learn about

- the topics available at the Institute (topics are pitched by supervisors and tutors).

- the formal process from registration to submission of the final thesis.

- their options of writing a scientific literature review, a meta-analysis or doing a thesis with an empirical part.

- how to find, evaluate and use literature efficiently.

- how to find a central topic and suitable title.

- how to formulate research questions and to structure a thesis based on scientific standards.

- formal requirements of citation, tables, figures etc.

- scientific writing based on practical examples.

- the process of analyzing data and producing descriptive tables, based on some exercises.

In follow-up sessions, students learn about how to work with data and they have the opportunity to present their outlines and the objectives they pursue with their thesis to their tutors. No credit points are awarded for this course.

For further information about the procedure please enter the Stud.IP course:

Theoretische Übung: Introduction to scientific work at IUW for BSc