Institut für Umweltökonomik und Welthandel Lehre Seminare Master
Introduction to scientific writing at IUW Master

Introduction to Scientific Writing at IUW for Master students


This course offers guidelines to the students who plan to do their Master thesis at the Institute for Environmental Economics and World Trade.


Section 1: Finding a thesis topic

Thesis areas or topics will be suggested to the students. If students already have an own idea, they could also pitch these to the supervisors and tutors.


Section 2-5: Understanding and working with data sets

Section 2 – Introduction to datasets and study regions

Section 3 – Introduction to designing an own questionnaire (with LimeSurvey)

Section 4 - Introduction to Econometrics (STATA/R); basic STATA/R commands and methods

Section 5 - Introduction into GAMS and/or ABM


Section 6: General guidelines

For further information about the procedure please enter the Stud.IP course:

Theoretische Übung: Introduction to scientific work at IUW for MSc