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Mehr Resilienz für kommende Krisen - IUW präsentiert Forschungsergebnisse auf dem jährlichen Symposium der Rehwinkel-Stiftung in Berlin

Increased Resilience for Upcoming Crises - IUW Presents Research Results at the Annual Symposium of the Rehwinkel-Stiftung in Berlin

The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated "lockdowns" had serious economic and social impacts on the agricultural sector, and thus the vulnerability, injustice as well as risks of the global food system became visible worldwide.

In the research project "More resilience through digitalization? Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on marketing and online trade in the agricultural sector", Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grote and Robyn Blake-Rath investigated the extent to which digitalization was driven by the pandemic and marketing concepts were adapted and which influencing factors affect the resilience of farms. The research results were presented at the Rehwinkel-Stiftung symposium on "Management of pandemics and new animal and plant diseases in agriculture and the value chain" in Berlin on June 01, 2022.

All funded research can be downloaded at this link.